Who we are?

EWG is formed by ex-oracle employees in year 2015 and specialized into Oracle Utilities implementation services to customer all-over the world.

What are our services?

We provide implementation / upgrade / Testing/ Application support services to Oracle Utilities customers, all over the world.

For partners we can support:
For Utilities customers, we can support:

Major accomplishments/Experiences:

1. Customer#1:  Utilities Retailer in Singapore

2. Project#2:  Utilities customer in Washington D.C, USA

3. Project#3:  Utilities customer in San Francisco, CA, USA

4. Project#4:  Utilities customer in Kansas City, USA

5. Project#5:  Utilities customer in North Carolina, USA

For complete list of our experiences and projects implemented, please send us e-mail : ([email protected]), we’ll share it with you.